Sleep. Change. Play Set (Shallow Basket - Lead Time)

Introducing our simple and beautiful Sleep.Change.Play Set: Shallow basket with generous size (75x45x10) merino wool mattress / nesting cushion style The gorgeous shallow baskets are hand crafted by talented artisans from Malawi and Zimbabwe out of dry leaves of lalapalm, in our woven design, size and specs. The natural inner is handmade in our studio out of pure merino wool batting, (subjected to no chemical treatment) and incased in 100% soft cotton knit. The natural raw materials are breathable, hypoallergenic and temperature regulators. The wool compacts in time and gives the right support to developing little bodies. Our regular merino mattress slipcovers can be used to protect the inner. No more worries of your baby growing out of the changing basket or not allowing him to sleep in the changing basket due to its sleep unsuitable liner. The Sleep.Change.Play Set gives you: The option of safe co-sleeping in bed with your baby. The baby sleeps safely in the shallow basket on the merino mattress without the risk of being squashed or suffocated. The option of using it as a changing basket. Just add a beautiful bath towel in. You’ll have to change it daily. Leakage accidents happen all the time. The option of easy and safe naps around the house The option of safe, beautiful and fun developmental playing. And you don’t have to worry anymore if the baby is falling asleep KO-COON new set was designed to fulfill the need of so many parents. Choosing what you need for your newborn baby together with lots of conflicting advice can be overwhelming, especially for the first time parents. Having the facts pros and cons co-sleeping, parents can understand risks, learn to mitigate risks and make up their mind. Having the facts will give parents a good idea weather to try co-sleeping or change your sleeping habits for better. We are here to raise awareness and give suggestions. We designed all our products with safety in mind and using mother nature’s amazing gifts to create safe environments for babies. In whichever form you chose to put your baby to sleep, you as a parent will always want to easily comfort and nurture your baby so both of you get best possible sleep, easily recovering after birth and create the deeper sense of love and trust. Mattress excluded- only the changing basket with a fitted liner/inner

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